[lug] Bug tracking systems

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Jan 26 22:07:19 MST 2006

Bear Giles wrote:
> Another difference is that bugs should be unique, request tracking often 
> isn't.

So?  How does that change the implementation of the tracking system? 
What do bug trackers have that trouble tickets don't because of this?

> For example, a bug might have rendered 01/01/00 as 01/01/;0.  You could 
> have multiple reports, but they should be combined into a single bug 
> regarding date handling.  Once fixed, the bug should never return.
> In contrast you might have a local policy that whoever replaces the 
> toner in the print opens a "trouble ticket" on it.  That ticket is 
> closed when the new toner cartridge is put in the cabinet under the 
> printer.  This "problem" may occur a dozen times per year, and you can't 
> merge it by buying one cartridge to serve three printers.

You don't think that you might get 7 users put in tickets for the same 
printer being out of toner?  You'd want to merge those.  Likewise you 
might prefer to track a recurring bug separately.  "App cores when I 
click here" might happen more than once over time.  Even if due to a 
regression you might want a new bug, not to reopen the last one.


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