[lug] setting up CUPS....

Lee Woodworth blug-mail at duboulder.com
Sat Jan 28 14:49:51 MST 2006

Bear Giles wrote:
> I decided to try CUPS, but nothing is printed.  It's an HP LJ1200 on the 
> parallel port, I specified everything on the web admin page, manually 
> specified the correct PPD file with lpadmin.  Still, nothing. I don't 
> run either KDE or Gnome, but the docs said that it's wizards are helpful 
> but not necessary.
> Has anyone else had this problem?  The printer works fine under LPRNG, 
> but some sites say that I can get better quality/faster performance if I 
> use CUPS & PPD instead of feeding a raw PS stream across the parallel port.
I didn't think the 1200 had native postscript. Are you sure that's what
the printer wants in raw mode?
> Bear
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