[lug] Fustration with SuSE

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Sun Jan 29 08:49:44 MST 2006

> Since SuSE 10 was 5 CD instead of 4 (like Fedora Core 4) I was hopeful
> get a lot of development stuff but no luck. What is on all those CDs that I
> installed?

If you accepted the default software selection when you installed, you
probably only got a subset of what was on those 5 cds.

> I cannot even get g++ to work! I tried whereis g++ and it could not find it
> on the virgin installation. I tried rpm -iq g++ and it says it is not
> installed. I googled the http://forums.suselinuxsupport.de/ for g++ and
> found other postings. They told me to use whereis and rpm -iq. Another
> posting dated Jun 2005 has no response
> (http://forums.suselinuxsupport.de/index.php?showtopic=16784)

the support form told you commands to find g++ if it was already
installed.  obviously it isn't.

> Now most installations use the c/C++ compiler to compile the source for a
> new package (emacs, for example). Now how does this work if SuSE does not
> even give me g++ or gcc?

most installations don't give you the c compiler unless you ask for it
(typically by installing the Development collection).  You are correct
that you won't be able to build new packages w/o a compiler.  so you'll
want to install the compiler tools first (which must feel like a

> I went to rpmseek.com and searched for g++ 4.0 but could only find a debian
> distribution!
> What are the SuSE counterparts to yum and rpm?

yast is the tool you want to use.  find the software portion and install
gcc/g++ and friends.

suse uses rpm, they also provide yast as a front end for rpm (among other


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