[lug] setting up CUPS....

Timothy Klein tck at silverklein.net
Sun Jan 29 12:19:34 MST 2006

On 29 Jan 2006, at 12:02 PM, Bear Giles wrote:

> I thought LPR and IPP referred to the protocols used to talk to  
> remote/network printers, not the mechanism driving the printer from  
> the host system. But that's a moot difference since LPR's reporting  
> mechanisms are... challenged.
> Anyway, installing cupsys deinstalls lprng. When I attempt to print  
> test pages the queue managers (lpstat in BSD compatibility package,  
> gnome app) report that the print jobs were cancelled. I don't think  
> the problem is on the enqueuing side since I can get a print  
> history and there are files in /var/spool/cups. I know it's not on  
> the hardware side since lprng works fine. There's a PPD file for  
> the printer in /etc/cups/ppd. What's left?

Have you tried setting the log level to debug or debug2 to in  

I had a problem exactly like you mention here once, and doing that  
led me to the problem.  I don't remember what exactly was causing it  
any more, but I made it go away by reading the debugging logs (and  
looking at my logs, it's been more than a year since I had the  
problem -- where does the time go?).

It will tell you exactly what you think is wrong in /var/log/cups/ 
error (that's where it lives on my Debian machine).


(sorry if you said you already did this, but I deleted the earlier  
mails an don't know if you mentioned it).

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