[lug] Experience with Source Wear?

Bruce Raup brauplists at gmail.com
Tue Jan 31 21:37:16 MST 2006

George, what made you assume that I hadn't tried to get them to fix the
problem?  Even though I neglected to say it before, of course I have.  I
have e-mailed them directly multiple times, sent them a message via their
website, and called the toll-free number on their website and left
messages.  I've gotten no response.  Even in the face of all that, I only
said "a bit of a warning".  I haven't yet given up hope.  But it's gotten to
the point where I thought it might be useful to get others' stories, if
there are any out there.

I think the concept of their website is a great idea, and I hope that I can
solve my current problem with them.  I you have order with them, or know any
of the people involved, please let me know.


On 1/31/06, Nick Golder <nrg at nirgo.net> wrote:
> On 2006-01-31 14:50 -0700, Bruce Raup wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Has anyone had experience with Source Wear (http://www.sourcewear.com/
> )  ?
> > They sell, or at least advertise,  Linux and other OS software related
> > shirts and caps.  I ordered something from them in mid-December, they
> > charged my credit card, but I haven't received the goods.  I'm hoping
> this
> > message will both lead to more info about them and serve as a bit of a
> > warning about them.
> >
> What happened when you called the toll-free number on the bottom of
> their site?
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> -Nick Golder
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