[lug] Commercial rsync service?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Feb 2 16:30:28 MST 2006

Michael Kahn wrote:
> Anybody know of a commercial service that provides rsync services?
> I'm trying to prevent lugging my laptop on the bus everyday. I'd need to
> keep ~ 10GB in sync between work and home.

Are you saying you have 10GB of data or that you change 10GB of data 
daily?  The real spec you need is how much data changes each day.  And 
it might be worth testing to find out so you know how to size your 

> I thought I'd investigate the cost of having somebody else supply the 
> service first.

So you could sync direct from work to home at the end of the day.  Or 
you could sync from work to the service and then from the service to 
home.  Is that right?

Seems like the direct route is better.  What does the middleman get you 
except a bill?

I don't know any providers specifically (though you may not need "rsync 
hosting", just a shell and disk space).  I'm sure others will chime in.


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