[lug] Commercial rsync service?

D. Frye dafr at dafr.us
Thu Feb 2 16:43:28 MST 2006

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 03:31:00PM -0700, Michael Kahn wrote:
} Anybody know of a commercial service that provides rsync services?
} I'm trying to prevent lugging my laptop on the bus everyday. I'd need to
} keep ~ 10GB in sync between work and home.
} Yes, I know it is trivial to set up my ownhome rsync server. I've done 
} it intermittently
} at times. And I'll do it more permanently if I cannot find an afforable 
} service. But
} I thought I'd investigate the cost of having somebody else supply the 
} service first.
} Thanks,
} Michael

Instead of paying for a service or setting up a server of your own, have
you considered a 2.5" hard drive in an external USB chassis? There are
some out there that do not require an external power source, too. If you
already have an iPod with enough space, you could possibly use that as

Initially expensive, but potentially another location to store your data
if you needed another archive.


D. Frye
dafr AT dafr.us

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