[lug] Commercial rsync service?

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Thu Feb 2 17:27:22 MST 2006

Michael Kahn writes:
> Anybody know of a commercial service that provides rsync services?
> I'm trying to prevent lugging my laptop on the bus everyday. I'd need to
> keep ~ 10GB in sync between work and home.

I would guess you can buy data space from indra.com, and use "rsync -e
ssh".  You might also consider finding an ISP that has a WebDAV
server.  You can then mount the drive, and do rsync via the network
mount.  On Linux, you use davfs.  On the Mac, it's built in.  On XP,
it is built in, but you probably want Novell's netdrive, because XP's
web folders totally suck.


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