[lug] Commercial rsync service?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Feb 2 23:14:42 MST 2006

Rob Nagler wrote:
> WebDAV is simply GET, PUT, DELETE, and PROPFIND (ls).

Doesn't it do some kind of versioning too?

> With davfs (Unix driver), you can mount a WebDAV "volume" just like
> NFS or loopback or a CD.  Once that happens, you can then do:
>     rsync -alCS --delete $HOME /mnt/some-dav-volume

As long as you understand that this works like cp (see rsync -W).  If 
you do this to a 10GB directory tree you'll get 10GB sent across the 
network.  (Maybe there's a check so that unchanged files won't be sent 
based on size/timestamps but changed files are sent entirely.)


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