[lug] Portable monitors

Daniel Webb lists at danielwebb.us
Wed Feb 22 15:10:00 MST 2006

There are many times I need a small portable monitor to work on headless
machines.  What do you do for this?  I've worked on clusters, I have a
headless server at home, and some of the old laptops I buy for
music/web/voip/etc servers have broken screens (but work with external
monitor).  I've always just lugged a full-size monitor to wherever I need it,
but come on, that's lame.

Sounds like an "ask Slashdot" question, eh?

In the worst case, anyone have an older/smaller VGA LCD monitor they'll part
with cheap?  I've been lugging around a 40 pound CRT for the last 5 years and
want to get rid of it.

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