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Wed Feb 22 15:41:58 MST 2006


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> I guess I don't understand why you did this?
> Couldn't you just take the super-hyper-duper EMT-64 Hyperthreading
> Dual-Core Super-Gizmo and run it as a 32-bit, single core processor?

Well, I'd need to take it out of production, re-install the OS, re-configure
it and restore the files.

I can't afford to have our web site off-line for the extra hours it would
take to complete all of these tasks. It also wouldn't give me any burn-in
time with the 32 bit configuration to make sure that it really is stable. 

Once I get the machine with the 64 bit CPUs offline I plan to do as you
suggest. Run it in 32 bit mode and see if it will stabilize. If so, then
I'll eventually put it back in production.

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