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> That's a good reason, although I was really wondering about why you
> specified to the vendor a no EMT-64 processor.

My working theory is that the problem with my existing machine is that there
is a bug in the kernel's 64-bit software RAID or ReiserFS code. Since I
really want the new box to be as stable as possible, I'm excluding what I
think is causing me problems. As I explained earlier, my experience with
Linux has been that if you're on the cutting edge with CPUs then stability
is a long time coming.

I'm really kind of pained because for my specific application the more RAM I
can cram in future machines the better off I'll be. For hosting our web
calendar, I'm thinking I'll be able to run something like 500 virtual hosts
a machine with 2GB of RAM. If I can get 64 bit boxes with 16 GB of ram then
I would be able to run something like 4000 or so customers on one machine.

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