[lug] Portable monitors

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Wed Feb 22 15:59:26 MST 2006

If portability is desired, I've seen portable pole things that have an
integrated keyboard holder and mouse pad. You fasten the LCD monitor to the
top of the pole, and put your keyboard and mouse on the holders. You can
then wheel the whole thing around...

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> There are many times I need a small portable monitor to work 
> on headless
> machines.  What do you do for this?  I've worked on clusters, I have a
> headless server at home, and some of the old laptops I buy for
> music/web/voip/etc servers have broken screens (but work with external
> monitor).  I've always just lugged a full-size monitor to 
> wherever I need it,
> but come on, that's lame.
> Sounds like an "ask Slashdot" question, eh?
> In the worst case, anyone have an older/smaller VGA LCD 
> monitor they'll part
> with cheap?  I've been lugging around a 40 pound CRT for the 
> last 5 years and
> want to get rid of it.
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