[lug] Portable monitors

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Feb 23 00:07:42 MST 2006

john wrote:
> You can get 17" monitors for $10 at the Salvation Army store on 33rd.
> They have so many they were having a half price sale last week. I got 2,
> and both work. They have 15" ones too for $5.

Yeah, CRT's are cheap these days... especially if they're old and a 
little burnt in, or slightly out of focus.  For console work, they do 

I have an old 19" Samsung that went out of focus here and instead of 
being a good hardware hacker and (CAREFULLY -- FLYBACK TRANSFORMERS CAN 
KILL!) fixing it, I bought a nice LCD 17" for the desktop last year... 
finally.  Samsung SyncMaster 730B... verrrrry nice.  I leave the 19" on 
top of the server rack.  It's darn big, but always there ready to plug 
in... and a spare keyboard in the bottom of the rack.  Same thing with 
the mountain-top site... found an old 15" that was out of focus and an 
extra keyboard and just left them up there in the building.  The 15" is 
really dim, so turning off the overhead lights helps, but it's rare that 
I need to use it.  ;-)

There's a used computer store north of Coors Field on Blake a few blocks 
up that used to have piles and piles of old monitors, and there's 
another off of South Colorado.

Unfortunately I am spacing out both of their names right now, but I 
could drive you to either one!  (GRIN)


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