[lug] WTB cheap laptop

Wagner, Carl Carl.Wagner at Level3.com
Thu Feb 23 13:05:21 MST 2006


Does anyone have an OLD laptop they are not using any more that they are
willing to part with?  

   486DX or better
   Hard drive (preferably) or a floppy.
   Functioning serial and parallel ports.
   Prefer it has some sort of built in modem.

It does not necessarily need to have a functioning: screen, battery,
Ethernet port, cdrom, or be cosmetically attractive, but they would be

I want to throw a small Linux distribution on it (like Coyote or DSL)
and use it for a remote power switch (parallel port to drive the relay)
and possibly monitor the temperature (serial port).

This will be left outside in some sort of enclosure so I don't want to
spend much on it in case it walks away.


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