[lug] dual head card questions

Ken MacFerrin lists at macferrin.com
Fri Feb 24 10:30:25 MST 2006

Dan Ferris wrote:
> Do a search for Xinerama.
> The easiest way I found is to get an NVIDIA card that has multiple outputs
> and use NVIDIA's twin view.  That's what I have at home on my 6800GT card
> and it works great.

I second this option.  I have an XFX 6600GT with Dual-DVI using the 
Nvidia driver and twinview that works very well.  The only downside is 
the Nvidia driver is binary and taints the kernel.

Another "cheap" option that would meet your needs is to use two separate 
older cards and Xinerama.  You can pick up a couple 64MB cards pretty 
cheap these days.  I previously did this with 64MB AGP and PCI cards at 
1024x768/24bit without any problems..  This should give you decent 2D 

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