[lug] RAM memory modules for old machine

Bethany Hobson blhobson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 16:59:03 MST 2006

My machine is a Dell Dimension L500r desktop in the original configuration.
It has two slots - one with a 128MB module and the other empty - and would
be maxed out at 512MB.  Module specs from dell.com:

    DELL - 256 MB Module for a Dell Dimension L Series System
    256 MB SDRAM, PC133, Non-Parity, Unbuffered
    Dell Part #: A0501728, Manufacturer Part #: D48WJW

Per Ken's suggestion, I checked into the BIOS on my machine.  I updated the
BIOS from Dell Dimension Lxxxr A01 to A14.  Yep, it was 13 updates old and
now I've learned about the BIOS.  Local compren.com didn't seem all that
jazzed about trying again since their modules didn't work for me before.
They don't have any in stock anyway.  So, it's off to crucial.com I go.

Thanks Ken, Nate, and Nick.


On 2/24/06, Ken MacFerrin <lists at macferrin.com> wrote:

> If the Kingston and Mushkin didn't work I'm guessing you're not going to
> have any more luck by switching brands.  Sounds like a motherboard or
> BIOS issue.  I'd recommend you check the manufacture's website to see if
> there is an updated BIOS for your model.  It could simply be the old
> BIOS wasn't able recognize more than 64MB of RAM.
> -Ken
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