[lug] kernel upgrade to 2.6 and LILO

Gary Hodges Gary.Hodges at noaa.gov
Mon Mar 13 15:15:05 MST 2006

Gary Hodges wrote:

> Do I make the initrd addition after proceeding with the upgrade but 
> before the reboot?  And so I'm totally clear, would the edited lilo.conf 
> file look like:
> image=/vmlinuz
>         label=Linux
>         read-only
>         initrd=/initrd.img

Dug around a bit more and found enough to go forward.  After the 
aptitude update to the 2.6 kernel I edited lilo.conf and made the change 
above.  All the links were done by aptitude.  I knew from updating some 
other machines (with grub installed instead of lilo) that I needed to 
add psmouse and mousedev to /etc/modules.  Ran lilo and the machine 
rebooted into 2.6 without problem.

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