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A major flaw in your plan is the 2GB zip file limitation.

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> I was originally planning on using zip archives for a cross-platform
> backup
> system but discovered zip doesn't allow the same filename twice in an
> archive
> (even in different directories).  There's nothing about this in the zip
> man
> page.
> So I was considering using tar, but apparently Windows XP doesn't even
> know
> what tar is (the oh so helpful "Microsoft Windows File Associations" web
> page
> says "Windows does not recognize this file type").
> Is there such a thing as an archive format that is recognized without
> additional software on most installs of Windows, Linux, and Mac?
> P.S. For those who don't know, VMWare is now giving away their basic
> product
> for free (beer, not speech).  Normally I don't use non-free software, but
> in
> this case it is so nice I couldn't resist.  If you have to test Windows
> compatability but don't want to soil your hard drive with a Windows
> install
> and dual-boot, it is very nice.
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