[lug] Small form factor linux?

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Thu Mar 30 14:44:23 MST 2006

Lee Woodworth writes:
> What is small? The mini ITX boards look interesting. 17x17cm and can
> be configured to use DC with a brick.

17cm flat (2-4cm) would be ok.  It needs to fit behind a 32" TV.
Ideally, it would fit in one of the cable compartments so I could use
the VESA mounts on the TV.

I have an MPCV855.  A bit pricey ($1K), but fanless with 40GB.  I'm
also going to get an AOpen box to see how the quality is since it is
cheap.  This is an itx board, I believe.

While I'm on the subject: Does anybody have any experience with
SVGALib?  I don't want to run X, because I'm just putting up images,
and there won't be any input.  


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