[lug] new laptop

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Mar 30 16:25:21 MST 2006

I just wanted to point out that Kevin hit on the neatest part about 
IBM/Lenovo laptops and Linux... http://thinkwiki.org -- that site rocks.

Great comments Kevin.  I guess I might get some time this weekend to 
fiddle with Linux on the work T43.  It's one of those "it's working for 
everything I need it for" type of setups right now, so I'm a bit leery 
to screw it up... my eMachines laptop (the non-work one) runs Linux fine 
also, but it's coming time to get rid of it... I hate dragging two 
laptops around, or worse, having one sitting unused.

But also gotta dedicate quite a bit of uninterrupted time to do the 
dual-boot, etc... on the new work laptop, so I don't screw it up...


Been thinking about going the VMWare over Windows route, but... would 
rather have a native Linux partition...

Need to image the drive as-is, for a "roll-back" point since 
everything's "happy" right now and then go from there.  Last imaging 
session took a rather large pile of CD's (wish they'd sprung for the DVD 
burner option!) and most of a Saturday...


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