[lug] XGL: You gotta try it!

Ken Weinert kenw at quarter-flash.com
Tue Apr 11 10:22:04 MDT 2006

On Tue, 2006-04-11 at 10:12 -0600, Michael Belanger wrote:

> Compiling everything on boot would be painful... maybe a Gentoo live for 686, 
> etc. dunno.  Knoppix 5.0 (dvd) is a fuller distro as far as live distro's go.
> Seemed to boot easier as well.. I had to run 'fixme' to get X to work with 
> this one.

Speaking of which, I have a friend that has a problem with every live CD
he's tried - it appears to boot OK, but always fails when it gets around
to starting X - any ideas on what's with his machine to cause this,
and/or hints on what to do to fix it?


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