[lug] minix vs. linux

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Thu Apr 20 14:15:34 MDT 2006

Zan Lynx wrote:

> Another benefit of micro-kernel architecture is developer understanding
> and debugging.  When separate parts of the kernel are memory protected,
> developers only have to worry about what they *know* can affect their
> code.  A file-system pointer freed but mistakenly kept in a structure
> somewhere can never be used to write over the network packets.

Too bad there's so much complexity in any kind of kernel that doing an 
architecture change to help lower the complexity on something like this 
only protects the developer from a specific problem, while 100 others 
pop up to bite them in the ass.

I'd have to say: Judging by the number of bugs in either type -- it 
doesn't really matter.  :-)

Overall Results == Poor.  ;-)

(But then again, I'm also in a grumpy mood because I'm dealing with bugs 
at work that we had happen at least a decade ago, and two product lines 
ago.  People don't learn, and many here don't remember, so it doesn't 
"bother" them as much... I swear.  My attitude today is.. "Same shit, 
different decade!")


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