[lug] Removing hidden directory recursively

Garett Shulman shulmang at colorado.edu
Fri Apr 21 14:57:23 MDT 2006

I'de like to see a unix one-liner for this. However when I need to do 
this I use the following python function...

def rmsvn(current_dir):
        for current_dir_item in os.listdir(current_dir):
                        os.chdir(current_dir + "/" + current_dir_item)
                        if current_dir_item == ".svn":
                                os.system("rm -rf " + current_dir + "/" 
+ current_dir_item)
                                rmsvn(current_dir + "/" + current_dir_item)

Paul Nowosielski wrote:
> Dear All,
> I'm trying to remove 1000's of .svn files from a web directory. 
> Can any one give me a tip on how to do this with a one line command?
> Best,

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