[lug] Too many files error

Jani Averbach jaa at jaa.iki.fi
Mon Apr 24 12:11:51 MDT 2006

On 2006-04-24 09:53-0600, Ken Kinder wrote:
> Yeah, that's basically what I was doing, but just not with enough
> hierarchy. Then, I had a brainfart and tried
> digest[0:5]/digest[5:10]/digest[10:15] without really thinking about
> the fact that the problem was in the toplevel, not the bottom.
> I'll sort out a better hierarchy.

I am using similar scheme, but with d[0:1], d[1:2] and d[2:3], this
way you will have 4096 leaves. That was enougth for my application
(storing digital photographs).

BR, Jani

Jani Averbach 

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