[lug] KDE regexps

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Mon Apr 24 16:09:29 MDT 2006

>>>>> "Dan" == durist  <durist at frii.com> writes:

Dan> ... but I can't find any comprehensive documentation on the
Dan> regexp syntax that Kmail supports.

One assumes [1] that it's just the Qt regexp engine, which apparently
does not support the mode-modifying spans:


   Perl's extended /x syntax is not supported, nor are directives,
   e.g. (?i), or regexp comments, e.g. (?#comment).

There is a method in qt-4.1 to specify at the code level that a regex
should be case-insensitive, but it looks like you're screwed from a
user POV.  :(


[1] And then one checks:


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