[lug] Followup on subversion and slugs

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Thu Apr 27 17:53:15 MDT 2006

I finally have some (very loose) numbers on using a slug (Linksys 
network storage controller ('nslu2') running 'opeNSLUg' software) as a 
subversion repository.

Set up is identical on my desktop and slug since both are Debian 
distros.  (i386 and ARM, respectively). The setups are nearly identical 
-- same wireless client (Windows XP), nearly identical wireless hubs 
that are hardwired to the wireless hubs.

~ 8 kB/sec to slug

~ 30-36 kB/sec to desktop.

That's pretty good considering that the desktop is around 2 GHz while 
the slug is only 133 MHz.

One potentially significant difference is that the router at work has 
"speed boost", the one at home does not.  (Also, the one at work uses 
WEP, I use WPA at home.)  If subversion doesn't use its own compression 
it's possible that the wireless portion was compressed at work, but not 
at home, and that that could offset the slower CPU.  However that 
strikes me as unlikely since 30 kB/sec is less than 1% of the capacity 
of a 54 mb/s connection.  In both cases I'm sitting within a few meters 
of the hub so we should be running at full capacity.

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