[lug] FC 5 on Laptop

Gordon Golding gordongoldin at netscape.net
Fri Apr 28 13:34:51 MDT 2006

Trying to help a friend who put FC 5 on a HP Pavilion dv8000 

He has trouble with drivers.

HP has no interest in helping with Linux.

Broadcom wireless 802.11b/gWLAN wireless network card doesn't work.
A company called Linuxent says it can sell him a driver.

Sound card sounded the test tones OK during install but now there is no sound.
Conexant AC-Link Audion

He found a driver for the Video.  But at the highest resolution, text is very small.  At any lower resolution, it is very fuzzy.
ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200 Series

Touchpad works very different.
1) He wants to turn off the "tap to click" function.

2) The bottom of the touchpad acts like a scrollbar/Function Key.
For example, if his finger is near the bottom of the touchpad when he is on the desktop, he cycles through all the open windows - like hitting a function key very quickly.

Any thoughts on any of these?

Gordon Golding
aka Golding the Younger DH70
gordongoldin at netscape.net
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