[lug] FC 5 on Laptop

Richard H. Fifarek rfifarek at fifarek.net
Fri Apr 28 13:41:33 MDT 2006

On Fri, 28 Apr 2006, Gordon Golding wrote:

> Broadcom wireless 802.11b/gWLAN wireless network card doesn't work.
> A company called Linuxent says it can sell him a driver.

 	Try NDISwrapper.  It allows you to use the win32 driver under 


> Sound card sounded the test tones OK during install but now there is no sound.
> Conexant AC-Link Audion

 	Check to see if the sound is muted, I seem to recall that being 
the default after install.  Under GNOME, click on System -> Preferences -> 
Volume Control.

Richard H. Fifarek
rfifarek at fifarek.net

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