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Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Fri Apr 28 13:47:36 MDT 2006

On Fri, 2006-04-28 at 15:34 -0400, Gordon Golding wrote:
> Touchpad works very different.
> 1) He wants to turn off the "tap to click" function.
> 2) The bottom of the touchpad acts like a scrollbar/Function Key.
> For example, if his finger is near the bottom of the touchpad when he is on the desktop, he cycles through all the open windows - like hitting a function key very quickly.

See:  http://web.telia.com/~u89404340/touchpad/ and

The Synaptics Touch Pad driver for X is part of the core installation
now.  The synclient program lets you manually configure the touch pad
from the command line, but you can skip this by configuring it in your
xorg.conf file.  

The xorg.conf would look something like this:
Section "InputDevice"
   Identifier  "Synaptics"
   Driver      "synaptics"
   Option       "Device" "/dev/input/mouse0"
   Option       "Protocol" "auto-dev"
   Option     "Emulate3Buttons" "yes"
   Option       "SHMConfig" "on"
   Option     "FingerHigh" "30"

Try "synclient -l" to get a list of configurable options.

I hate my touchpad - the way I type my palm keeps moving the mouse
accidently.  So I disabled it and got a USB mouse for my laptop.  I only
use the touch pad when I'm on an airplane or sitting on my couch working
while I watch TV - anywhere the USB mouse would be awkward to use.

If your touch pad is something different, I'd be a bit suprised.
Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with any other laptop touchpads.
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