[lug] Re: [clue-tech] Qwest DSL download speed reduced

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Fri May 26 10:59:45 MDT 2006

Ken MacFerrin wrote:
> bof wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've noticed today that my download speed has been limited to about 64 
>> kB/s. I've been paying Qwest for their 1.5 Mb service, so a call to 
>> their tech support revealed that somehow my account was changed to a 
>> 640K one, altho I would continue to be billed for 1.5 Mb.
>> As usual, corporate America could not explain how this happened, but 
>> the tech rep did reset the account back to what I had been paying for.
>> So I am posting this FWIW as an alert to other users to make sure that 
>> they are getting what they pay for.
>> BOF
> I've had this happen a few times with Comcast too..  I'm on their 
> "premium" tier but more than once my cable modem has been pushed the 
> normal tier firmware config..  Of course the billing department has 
> always been right on track with billing for premium..
> -Ken

Seems like in both cases if you could determine how long the "underage" 
was, you should be demanding refunds, at least pro-rated to the lower 
level of service.

The front-line people won't be able to authorize it, but call centers 
live and breathe by call times -- stay on the phone until they give you 
a "decision-maker".

If it's worth your time, of course...


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