[lug] Ubuntu

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Sat Jun 10 20:28:54 MDT 2006

Collins Richey wrote:
> OTOH, Kubuntu probably needs to be differentiated in Ubuntu land,
> since the original Ubuntu is derived from Debian where Gnome is King
> and KDE is evil. Even today 90% (IMO) of the effort in Ubuntu goes
> into Gnome, and Kubuntu is just an afterthought even though
> Shuttleworth is fond of it.

Nonsense.  Debian doesn't care about Gnome or KDE.  Both are Free 
Software.  There are teams that package and support both (they are 
different so they may not be equal, but the project doesn't prefer one 
or the other).

I think that for simplicity and ease of use Ubuntu chose to base their 
distro on Gnome.  Kubuntu and Xubuntu are subprojects and have, to some 
degree, different people working on them.  The *ubuntu installers don't 
ask you which desktop you want, that wouldn't be easy to use.

'Kubuntu is pronounced "koo-boon-too".'  That doesn't seem very hackish 
to me (ditto for zoo-boon-too).  But I guess if you have millions no one 
will mind.


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