[lug] Logout of Samba Share (from XP)

Ben bluey at iguanaworks.net
Mon Jun 26 15:08:35 MDT 2006

How can I logout of a samba share from Windows XP?

I've got a samba 3.0.14 running on debian sarge in user=security mode. 
When I to file run "\\server" from a windows XP client, I get prompted 
for a username / password and everything works fine. If I run "net use" 
on the XP machine it may or may not show the connection to the server. 
(Don't know what affects that -- what shares I'm connected to?). But if 
I run "net use * /del" it disconnects from all the shares it sees. After 
this "net use" does not show any connected shares. If, however, I 
connect to the samba server (file run "\\server") it doesn't not prompt 
for a username / password  but connects as the user from the original 
login. Windows is not saving the password -- if I logout from XP and log 
back it, I'm asked for a username/password again. Somehow the XP client 
is staying connected to the samba server. How can I force a disconnect?

I want to have a batch file on the desktop for users to log out of the 
sever. I don't want to use domain logins -- is there a way to force 
samba to ask for username/password without logging out the user from XP?



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