[lug] Hostname, Knoppix, where does it come from?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Wed Jun 28 19:14:44 MDT 2006

Bob Collins wrote:
> Received 43 bytes from in 1 ms

So you're getting told that knoppix is the name by your DSL modem.  As 
Hugh said, this is probably DHCP + dynamic updates.

So what happens when you try to ping the Linux machine (you might reboot 
it first) by its name?  If it fails you can try to re-update DNS with:

dhclient -r ; dhclient

(assuming you have dhclient and not one of the others).

Do the modem docs say anything about the DNS on the modem and how it 
works?  Obviously it has a zone for gateway.2wire.net, and probably 
caches as well.  And I'd guess it forwards to QWest's servers.  But it 
would really tick me off to put all that on my network without being 
warned that I was doing it.  (Not that it would matter, but it's always 
easier to troubleshoot if you know what's going on.)


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