[lug] Hostname, Knoppix, where does it come from?

David L. Anselmi anselmi at anselmi.us
Thu Jun 29 16:51:57 MDT 2006

Lee Woodworth wrote:
> As has been mentioned, the machine matt is resolving the name knoppix.gateway.2wire.net
> to, not linux.local. To see the DNS resolution process you can use:
>    dig +trace knoppix.gateway.2wire.net
>    dig +trace linux.local
> to see the referrals for the various domain parts.

In this case that's not a good idea.  It's almost certain that knoppix 
is being resolved by the DSL modem and +trace will bypass that and do 
all the recursive queries to ask the 2wire.com authorities for the name. 
  That will fail and just confuse the situation.

But generally +trace is a good way to see on your machine the kinds of 
queries that DNS makes for you.


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