[lug] NSLU2 on sale at OfficeMax(?)

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Fri Jun 30 10:46:44 MDT 2006

It's probably too low-powered. It only has 2 USB ports and a cat-5 
network port.

On the rest, my information is several months out-of-date. Printers and 
usb wifi are the most popular items (after disks and thumb drives), but 
I think other things have been attached as well. I seem to recall that 
some people reported having problems when they chained devices, but that 
may only apply when using the Linksys/Cisco image, not a reflashed one.

I'm not sure on running different OS flavors. The problem is that the 
kernel needs to be in the flash even if everything else is on disk. It's 
no different from using a rescue disk that boots the system from CD-ROM 
but pivots to the hard disk. Maybe somebody has written a two-stage 
booter that lives in flash but can boot an arbitrary kernel off of an 
attached drive.

I think it can do a network wakeup, but would have to check the wiki to 
be sure.


Rob Nagler wrote:

>Bear Giles writes:
>>Or you can go hardcore and reflash the device.
>I need a low power device that runs an hour a day and shuts off.  I'm
>currently using a VIA/LEX board.  The cool thing is that it has a
>bootable CF slot so I can load any OS easily (currently our own
>version of RH7.2).  I need a serial port, audio, and wifi (USB is fine
>for this).  Most importantly, I need to have it wake up with an RTC
>interrupt.  Being the lazy sort, do you know if the NSLU2 handles all
>of the above?
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