[lug] NSLU2 on sale at OfficeMax(?)

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Fri Jun 30 11:09:03 MDT 2006

Rob Nagler wrote:
> Bear Giles writes:
>> Or you can go hardcore and reflash the device.
> I need a low power device that runs an hour a day and shuts off.  I'm

It seems to me that a primitive lamp timer would do what you want.

> currently using a VIA/LEX board.  The cool thing is that it has a
> bootable CF slot so I can load any OS easily (currently our own
> version of RH7.2).  I need a serial port, audio, and wifi (USB is fine
> for this).  Most importantly, I need to have it wake up with an RTC
> interrupt.  Being the lazy sort, do you know if the NSLU2 handles all
> of the above?
> Thanks,
> Rob
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