[lug] NSLU2 on sale at OfficeMax(?)

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Sat Jul 1 10:00:12 MDT 2006

George Sexton writes:
> It seems to me that a primitive lamp timer would do what you want.

Clever.  This is a solar-powered battery-backed device, running
outside in a NEMA box.  I would need to design my own timer to work at
12V.  I don't want to get into manufacturing unless it's absolutely

Network wakeup is not possible, because the device is behind a
firewall (or several), and the server it reports to is on the

Another reason to keep with the VIA box is that I'm powering a speaker
off the USB voltage.  I can suspend "all" power consumption from apm.

I think a slug is probably too simple for my needs.  It's one of the
reasons I didn't try it before. :-) I'm already safely in budget at
the $220 it costs me for the VIA.


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