[lug] More on slimserver and AJAX

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Mon Jul 3 10:08:46 MDT 2006

Daniel Webb wrote:
> Something odd, though:  I use the web-based control to choose tracks, change
> tracks, change volume and so on instead of the softsqueeze interface.  Until
> the control pages loads, everything is normal, so I know I am running firefox
> locally and not as a remote X application.  But once the control page loads,
> it's like the whole application is running across the remote connection.  Even
> things like clicking the top menu buttons lags as if it was transmitting them
> across the network and back.  Even if I open a new tab this behavior happens
> in the new tab too.  I have another firefox open in another profile (where I'm
> typing now) and it doesn't lag.  Is that normal for javascript to be able to
> take over the whole browser like that?

I didn't think there was any javascript in the web interface.  Even so,
it sounds like something in the page is giving your browser fits.  What
version of Firefox are you running?  If it's older, have you tried the
latest?  Other than that, I would recommend posting to the Slim Devices
forums, and potentially filing a bug report.


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