[lug] More on slimserver and AJAX

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Tue Jul 4 12:48:25 MDT 2006

Daniel Webb wrote:
> it's like the whole application is running across the remote connection.  Even
> things like clicking the top menu buttons lags as if it was transmitting them
> across the network and back.  Even if I open a new tab this behavior happens

AJAX=Asynchronous Javascript and XML

Yes. A lot of what happens with AJAX is that you activate a control the 
script sends a request to the server, and then it uses the XML return 
from the server to create a user interface.

The IBM Developer Works Site has a bunch of articles on AJAX if you're 

> in the new tab too.  I have another firefox open in another profile (where I'm
> typing now) and it doesn't lag.  Is that normal for javascript to be able to
> take over the whole browser like that?
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