[lug] Drive Imaging between dissimilar drives?

siegfried siegfried at heintze.com
Wed Jul 5 23:03:55 MDT 2006

My current drive is approx 100GB and has three boot partitions: one for
Fedora core 4 and another for Windows 2003 server and another for Windows XP
home. I have an identical second drive.

I just purchased a new 300GB external USB drive. I've been reading about
norton ghost and I understand it is a drive imaging program.

(1) Does that mean I can use it (norton ghost) to backup both windows and
linux boot partitions too? I believe it does.

(2) I heard a rumor that norton ghost can image dissimilar drives and one
can boot from the copy (or image) it creates. Does anyone have any ideas on
how I might confirm that without buying a copy?

(3) Is there a forum that discusses drive imaging? What might that be? Or is
this an issue one might discuss in any OS forum like unix.com, the SuSE
forums or the fedora forums?

(4) Is there an open source counterpart to norton ghost that has the ability
to image dissimilar drives so one can boot from the image?

(5) I've been using "telinit 1; cp /dev/sda /dev/sdb" to image my two
identical drives and this works great as it makes a bootable copy from which
all the boot partitions are bootable. I have a hunch this won't work,
however, with my 100GB drive as the source and my new 300GB external USB
drive as the target. Am I wrong?

As per Bear Giles, recent anouncement, I also purchased two NSLU2 slugs on
sale. (Thanks Bear!)
Does introducing a NSLU2 NAS controller between my computer and the 300GB
external USB drive change any of the answers to the above questions?


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