[lug] Getting mail out of the Qwest/MSN mire

John Bray home at johnbray.org.uk
Thu Jul 6 07:13:52 MDT 2006

I'm currently using Qwest/MSN DSL, as the cheapest option that does not
involve the loathsome Comcast. I'm running my own postfix server, use a
dynamic DNS service so people can find it. But I keep finding that my
emails are being blocked by companies that assume all Qwest DSL
addresses are used by spammers. Aol (spit) do it by policy, and I've now
appeared on a RBL list at mail.abuse.com.

So what I need is a mail server I can use as a relayhost. I have a
friend with a suitable machine, but how do I configure his machine to
accept me? I would use the mynetworks option, but that is controlled by
IP address range, not hostname.

How else can I do it, without burdening him too much?

(I assume that MSN don't have a mailserver that is compatible with
Linux, of course)


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