[lug] Getting mail out of the Qwest/MSN mire

John Hernandez John.Hernandez at noaa.gov
Thu Jul 6 09:42:57 MDT 2006

John Bray wrote:
> So what I need is a mail server I can use as a relayhost. I have a
> friend with a suitable machine, but how do I configure his machine to
> accept me? I would use the mynetworks option, but that is controlled by
> IP address range, not hostname.
> How else can I do it, without burdening him too much?

Use SMTP AUTH.  Once this feature is enabled and properly configured, a
shared secret is all that's needed.  Use can use the PLAIN method if you
use TLS (or other VPN), otherwise go for something like DIGEST-MD5 or
CRAM-MD5.  This can be done on any halfway decent MTA.  Google for HOWTOs.


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