[lug] Getting mail out of the Qwest/MSN mire

Michael Belanger mrb at ciclops.org
Thu Jul 6 09:47:43 MDT 2006

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John Hernandez wrote:
> John Bray wrote:
>> So what I need is a mail server I can use as a relayhost. I have a
>> friend with a suitable machine, but how do I configure his machine to
>> accept me? I would use the mynetworks option, but that is controlled by
>> IP address range, not hostname.
>> How else can I do it, without burdening him too much?
> Use SMTP AUTH.  Once this feature is enabled and properly configured, a
> shared secret is all that's needed.  Use can use the PLAIN method if you
> use TLS (or other VPN), otherwise go for something like DIGEST-MD5 or
> CRAM-MD5.  This can be done on any halfway decent MTA.  Google for HOWTOs.

I just use Tummy.com.. They have a tucows mail solution for $5 per
address/year.  No frills, just mail for my domain.  For an extra
$25/year you can add spam blocking.  They do IMAP as well, which was the
big selling point for me.

But if you are marked as an open relay, you may want to just find out
why and fix it.  the SMTP Auth is a good method, but it depends on which
tests your services are failing.

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