[lug] Getting mail out of the Qwest/MSN mire

Bear Giles bgiles at coyotesong.com
Fri Jul 7 09:56:42 MDT 2006

Collins Richey wrote:

> Ever so often I find one of those loathsome purist types who refuses
> my connection just because I have a Comcast hosted service, but I can
> forget about them pretty rapidly!

Why are you calling them "purists"?  Purists would accept connections 
from anyone.  These are pragmatists.

As for whether they're loathesome... it's their decision.  Nobody wants 
to drop valid messages, but there's a very real cost for spam and it's 
never somebody's only choice.  As Sean indirectly mentioned there's also 
a real cost to have sysadmins manually block DUL blocks that originate 
spam -- and that approach can still incorrectly block legitimate senders.

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