[lug] Re: Getting mail out of the Qwest/MSN mire

John Bray johnbray at gmail.com
Fri Jul 7 13:05:16 MDT 2006

As you can see, I decided to switch to using gmail, and avoid the
mailserver issue. Gmail's spam filtering is better than spamassassins,
especially for the 'x,y'  mails I was being plagued with, and I can
import my address book from Evolution by going via Yahoo.

Thanks for all the advice.

On 07/07/06, Bear Giles <bgiles at coyotesong.com> wrote:
> Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> >I've said it before and I'll say it again: The spam problem won't go away
> >until it starts getting treated like the attack on the Internet that it
> >actually is.
> >
> >
> I was reading a summary of spam solutions a few days ago, including
> protocols, and one of them was using a 'pull' model instead of a 'push'
> model. You would still send announcements, but the message itself would
> reside on the sender's box.
> There are some benefits, e.g., the ability to 'undo' sent mail in many
> cases, and from a broader economic perspective it definitely makes sense
> to put the cost on the sender, not the recipient. It's much more like
> other standard services - you pull data from a website, ftp site, DNS, etc.
> But it still has some problems (e.g., how do you handle mail that needs
> to be anonymous, e.g, by whistleblowers, informants and abuse victims)
> and then there's the transition period. How many people are still
> running Win9x or Win2k? How do they get their mail?
> >In other places we'd call a 20x signal to noise ratio a DDoS.
> >
> >
> I remember being slack-jawed at the argument, a few years ago, that spam
> only accounted for a few percent of mail traffic so what's the problem?
> It's easily dismissed by the recipient.
> The person didn't get the fact that it might have been a few percent at
> the time, but how long would it be until there was as much spam as
> legitimate mail? Until there was 10x more spam than legitimate mail?
> Until it was legitimate mail, not spam, that was a few percent of the
> overall volume?
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