[lug] ulimit for user with no shell

Hugh Brown hugh at math.byu.edu
Mon Jul 24 12:41:01 MDT 2006

I've got a redhat box running as an ldap server.  The openldap daemon runs
as user ldap and has a shell of /bin/false.

Unfortunately the default number of open files is 1024 (which includes TCP
connections).  Once the openldap server hits too many open connections, it
starts refusing connections.

Is it possible (within the redhat framework) to adjust the limit upward
w/o giving ldap a shell?

I've tried setting /etc/security/limits.conf with

* - nofiles 8192

and it works when I log in as a regular user, but it doesn't get picked up
by the script for /etc/init.d/ldap

I've tried adding "ulimit -n 8192" in the /etc/init.d/functions daemon
function and it reports setting it, but openldap still refuses connections
around 1024.

Everything I've found on the web assumes a working shell for the user.



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