[lug] another cdrom verification strategy

William D. Knoche Bill.Knoche at sun.com
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> Subject: [lug] another cdrom verification strategy
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> Hmm, I don't know what the weaknesses of this are, but since it was a 
> topic a while back, thought I'd throw it in. I've been using it in the 
> last few days (used to use it and no media ever passed, but recent 
> media...Taiyo Yuden...have all succeeded).
> What I did was take an sha1sum of the iso I used to burn the cd. Then 
> recreate the iso via:
> dd if=/dev/cdrom of=test.iso bs=512
> And then do sha1sum on the test.iso. If it matches, it's good.
> dd seems fairly unforgiving of track errors, I'm not sure how much the 
> system will do to try and deal with bad tracks when reading raw data via dd.
> FYI, I have not burned much media yet, but I have yet to have a single 
> failure of DVD's of Taiyo Yuden (this was one of the recent topics as 
> well...people had a lot of experience with Taiyo Yuden cd-r, but not 
> much with the DVDs...so far the DVDs seem fully reliable from this brand).

Yep, pretty good stuff.
> D. Stimits, stimits AT comcast DOT net
> PS: I'm wonder how one prints on an inkjettable CD? I don't know of any 
> inkjets that don't curl the paper in the process of printing, which 
> means the cd would be destroyed (or the printer). Are there special 
> inkjets for cd labeling?

Epson and others sell printers capable of printing directly on CD/DVD media. I 
have a the R320 and R220 both of which have a plastic carrier that holds the 
CD/DVD. These printers are fairly inexpensive (<$200) some as little as $100. Of 
course you need inkjet printable media.

There is another technology, LightScribe, which uses the laser in the CD/DVD 
writer to burn an image on the media (remove the media after writing the data, 
flip it over and put it back in the drive to burn the label. Of course they are 
monochrome and also require special media.
HP, LiteOn and others sell burners. Seems to be a bit less available than inkjet 
printable and a bit more expensive but then it doesn't smudge, either.
Having to flip the disc over seems to result in a number of coasters...


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