[lug] email using mutt on the laptop

Nick Golder nrg at nirgo.net
Wed Jul 26 14:28:04 MDT 2006

I have been using Mutt on a remote system in Maildir mode for several
years.  For several reasons I would like to transition the bulk of my
email use to my laptop but have been having problems due to Mutt not
having a builtin MTA which requires the local system to have one.  And
that is where the problems start.

In a nutshell, I would like to send and receive email from either my laptop
or a remote system (syncing Maildirs isn't a problem).  I would like to
write emails while without connectivity and have them send once a
connection is established.  The server that I will connect to will
handle other user accounts as well as mine.  I think I have read that
ESMTP and UUCP are the best options but I can't really drill the
weaknesses of each.  I would like to due this all over a encrypted

I know I probably have missed some key points but I know that a few of
you have tackled this and any advice would be great appreciated.

-Nick Golder

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