[lug] looking for AC adapter for Ipaq 5000 family

Mike Stanczyk stanczyk at pcisys.net
Wed Jul 26 20:22:11 MDT 2006

I got a good deal on a 5555 IPaq from a coworker.  It came with USB
cradle.  No problem.

Flashing the 5555 requires AC power on the cradle.  PROBLEM!  The
AC power brick that came with this IPaq is dead and long gone.

I've struck out at Microcenter, Best Buy, CompUSA, and Radio Shack.
5V @ 2A.  Yes, TWO amps.

Anybody got an idea where else in Denver/Boulder I can find an
AC brick for this thing?  I don't want to Ebay it because I'm afraid
of getting screwed by a well meaning seller.  (I bought another USB cable
at CompUSA that promised to have power and sync/flash ability.  The HP
branded cable was power OR sync but not flash. *sigh*)

Or anybody got a space to sell?


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